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Jefferson Lynn Global Music LLC is operated by
CEO Jeffrey Lynn Fisher

Jeffrey Lynn Fisher was born as the second son of Harrison Morton Fisher and Doris Bolden Fisher on August 15, 1955 (born on his father's 36th birthday). Jeffrey's only sibling, John Harrison Fisher, passed away suddenly in 2003. In 1996, Jeffrey Fisher married his childhood sweetheart, Helen May Stout. They celebrated 25 years of marriage on May 18, 2021.

Born of solidly conservative Christian parents, Jeffrey was introduced to living in the ways of Jesus very early in his life. He attended Bethel A.M.E. church in Bristol, PA during his early youth, and he attributes his character and moral foundation to his early Sunday School instruction at Bethel A.M.E.

Jeffrey attended Bristol Jr-Sr High School between 1967 and 1973. He participated in the numerous music programs directed by Kenneth Bachman, English programs instructed by Phyllis Naylor and Joseph Francescini, and drama programs directed by Russell Walsh and Phyllis Naylor. Jeffrey was also active in sports programs, but music and drama became his life choices during this period.

Jeffrey Fisher graduated from Bristol Jr-Sr in 1973 with honors, and he was accepted to Princeton University as a pre-med student. Finding no passion in Princeton's medical program, Jeffrey requested a leave of absence from Princeton during the Spring term of 1975. After attending courses at Temple Center City Campus in 1976, Jeffrey Fisher's life was forever changed. He studied musical composition that provided him needed confirmation of his musical ability. He also attended a class detailing the business of music, taught by Lloyd Zane Remick, which greatly prepared him for the arduous road ahead.

Jeffrey returned to Princeton University for the spring term of 1979 with a new major in English Literature with a Theatre and Dance minor. He studied Directing under Yale's renowned director Alan Moekler. He studied Creative Writing under the accomplished American playwright, Jean- Claude van Italie. He successfully graduated from Princeton University in 1981 with a BA degree in English and with a minor in Theatre and Dance.

In 1995 Jeffrey Fisher formed Jason Chance, Inc. under the instruction of Attorney Lloyd Zane Remick, with producer Harry Backhouse, Jr. They produced the "Jason Chance, Try to Understand" CD which is available in our Store.

In 2006 Jeffrey Fisher accepted the position of volunteer Executive Director of Bristol Borough Community Action Group. Jeffrey succeeded his mother, father, and great Aunt Elamae Ringgold who have provided their time to BBCAG as volunteers since 1971. BBCAG's food pantry serves between 7,000 and 8,000 Bucks County households each year.

In 2020 Jeffrey Fisher dissolved Jason Chance, Inc. as his publishing company and began Jefferson Lynn Global Music, LLC. Jeffrey currently serves as the CEO of Jefferson Lynn Global Music LLC, and of the subsidiary record company Jefferson Lynn Global Music Productions.


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